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The Bone Cay


"Atmospheric and gripping. Eliza Nellums combines old mysteries with new dangers to create an evocative page-turner that will have you racing breathlessly to the end."
—Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Magda Trudell is the present-day caretaker of Whimbrel Estate, the Key West home of the famous poet Isobel Reyes. Isobel's suicide at the residence in 1918 has nearly overshadowed her creative legacy--but Magda, a botanist and avid historian, is determined to protect it. Over the past decade, Magda has lovingly restored the house to the exact condition Isobel would have known. And even though a fierce October hurricane is headed straight for the Keys, she isn't about to abandon her life's work to evacuate.

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"Original, powerful, and haunting, with language as lush as a tropical forest and a story that won’t let go. With this electrifying study of devotion and survival, Nellums takes you straight into the eye of the storm. Better hold on tight.” 
—Tessa Wegert, author of Death in the Family and The Dead Season

“Readers will be immersed . . . Nellums is a good storyteller.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A complex, unusual mystery combines obsession, determination, and danger swirling in the midst of a life-threatening storm.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“An atmospheric and descriptive tale.”
—San Francisco Book Review

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